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Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023

by Sisco Alan

Last Updated on October 6, 2023

Amazon Prime Day is a well-known global shopping event. The Prime Day is held for their prime members in every year. Amazon hosts Prime day with wide range of products within 48 hours shopping event. You can see different categories of Amazon Prime Day Deals such as prime day electronic deals, prime day smart TV deals, prime day smartphone deals, Prime Day Kindle deals and more on Amazon Prime day shopping event. They host prime day normally in July every year, you may have participated for amazon prime day in July 2023 too. More top branded and popular products could be seen on Amazon prime day 2023 in July. And the amazing news is they are going to hold their second special shopping event again in October 2023.

You can know more information about Amazon prime day October 2023 too from here. Amazon is considering about their customers in a great way. They give more discounts and offers for more products on deals. The prime members can experience many advanced prime membership benefits on prime day sales. You can buy top selling and top-ranked products with great offers on that shopping day. Free one-day shipping, free two days shipping also can be experienced by prime members. So, Amazon prime day is a great event for all prime members of Amazon.

Amazon prime day October 2023

The Amazon prime day October is Amazon second Prime day event of the year. That is also called as Prime Big Deals day too. Amazon hold this shopping event also two days like in July. They also held prime big deals day in 2022, October. So, Amazon is going to host Prime Big Deals Day in 2023 too. You will be able to see many product categories like electronic, fashion, toys, home and more. If you are a prime member, you can have all the benefits and exclusive offers on Prime Day October 2023 also like prime day in July event. According to Amazon, they offer amazing Prime member-exclusive promotions, such as additional cash back with eligible credit cards and Grubhub orders.

What are October prime day dates 2023?

Amazon’s second Prime Day event 2023 that is officially called Prime Big Deals days are going to hold in October 10 and 11 for Prime members. The sales event will start about 3 a.m. EST on October 10. So you also can enjoy this Prime Big Deals day with immersive discounts. Holiday season is also coming very near. So, Amazon Second Prime Day event will be a great chance for you to buy more products for your festive season. They held this second sales event in October 11-12, 2022 too.  However, Amazon has announced about this October Prime Day 2023 after spreading more rumors everywhere about this October Prime Day.

Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime membership is a paid subscription service that is offering by Amazon. Amazing benefits come alongside this prime membership. So, you can really enjoy more offers while you are buying best products for you from Amazon. Amazon prime membership costs $14.99 per month and $139 per year. Meanwhile this paid subscription, Amazon offers a 30-days free trail for customers, you before buying prime membership, you can try that Free trail too. Amazon prime members can access new products early, exclusive deals and promotions, and they can shop with Alexa. Except them, prime members can have more benefits from Amazon on Prime day deals,

  • Can access prime videos
  • Can access prime music
  • Free two-day shipping on eligible products
  • Free same-day shipping on eligible products for selected areas
  • Prime photo unlimited storage
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • Prime gaming benefits
  • Prime reading

So, Amazon prime membership is an amazing opportunity for saving money and buying branded and quality products that you need. You will never want to waste your money and time, if have this amazing prime membership. So, try prime membership before this Amazon Prime Day October 2023.

Student Prime Membership

Student Prime Membership also a paid service and it gives more offers for students who are doing higher education. They also can access the same benefits of prime membership. So, the student prime membership will be a great opportunity to improve knowledge and get a fun for students. Student prime membership is $7.49 per month and $69 per year. So, students can enjoy and can spend college life in a comfortable way with this membership benefits. As in prime membership, students also can experience 6-month free trail from Amazon.

October Prime Day Deals

You will be able to see many kinds of Prime Day Deals on Prime Day October 2023. Now Amazon has announced Prime Big Deal Days 2023 to all. So, prime members can participate for this second sale event of them. Various types of Prime Day Deals could be seen on prime day in July, as well as there may be more different deals on Prime Big Deal days too.

  • Electronic deals – Electronic deals is very popular Prime day deal on Amazon Prime Day. So, prime members can buy more electric items with favorable discounts form popular brands. Prime day electronic deals include smartphones, laptops, electric gadgets, TVs, smart home devices, tablets, charges, headphones and more from Amazon prime day electronic deals. So the electronic deals will come for even this Prime Big deal day 2023, because last year also they were there.
  • Shopping deals – The shopping deals are also very helpful to find what you need to do as your fashion. And Shopping deals are very popular among women because Amazon Prime day fashion deals include with clothing, footwear, jewelry, handbags, wristwatches, sunglasses and more. So, in prime day big deals day also you will be able to find these various types of products from shopping deals, as we could see on last year. If you are a woman, this shopping deal will be a great opportunity for you.

  • Home and Kitchen deals – If you want to buy appliances for your kitchen, or for your home, Amazon prime day home and kitchen deals are the best events for you. If you are a prime member, you can buy more kitchen appliances with popular brands, but with very attractive discounts for your prime membership. You will be able to find microwave ovens, food processors, air fryers, furniture, decorations, air purifiers and more for your kitchen and whole home.
  • Apple deals – Apple deals came for prime day in July 2023 also. So, as it seems, you may be see Apple deals on Prime Big deal days too. Apple products are normally very expensive than other products, but on Amazon prime day, they offer favorable discounts on their selected products. If you are a fan of Apple products, you can have this chance with prime membership. We could see that on prime day in July also they offered discounts on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple watches and some other Apple products. So, we can keep a hope about prime big deals days also.

  • Laptop deals – Laptop deals on prime day is one of more popular deals on Amazon prime day shopping event. You can see lot of laptop deals on prime day deals. Their retailers are offering more discounts and offers for customers. So, famous laptop brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, MacBook air were also on prime day deals in July with amazing discounts and offers.

  • Gaming deals – You can enjoy gaming deals on Amazon prime day deals. Amazon offers gaming keyboards, laptops, monitors, computer mouse types, PCs and more for game lovers. If you are a game lover, gaming deals on prime day will be great opportunities for you. The popular brands come with comfortable price ranges for that shopping event.

So, these are some famous type of Amazon prime day deals that are offered by Amazon for their shopping event. So, more deal categories will be there for prime members with wide ranges of products. As it seems these types of deals can be seen on October Prime Day 2023.

Amazon Prime Kindle deals

The Kindle is a family of e-readers. That was developed by Amazon. You can see many types of kindle devices under Kindle deals. The kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download and read e-books, magazines, newspapers, and more other digital media through wireless internet connection Kindle store. Kindle devices come in different type of sizes. When we comparing, Kindle devices are more comfortable for reading e-books. They are light weight, durable and affordable. Amazon offers favorable discounts for their Kindle devices on Prime Day Deals. Kindle basic, Kindle Paper white, Kindle Oasis commonly can be seen on Prime day deals. So, if you are an e-reader this kindle deals will be a very amazing chance for you. Specially Kindle deals are best for students. They can improve their knowledge with Kindle devices by e-reading.

What are Amazon Prime Big Deal Day Early deals?

Amazon hosts some deals before Prime day, they are called as prime day early deals. Normally Prime Day early deals come just some weeks before the Prime Day. The prime members can access those early deals before the prime day. Amazon doesn’t announce about this early deals officially, however they send emails for their prime members. So, if you are a prime member, now you should have that Amazon emails on your inbox, because Prime Day early deals are now available for you.

In this way, Amazon Prime Day is a great shopping event to find the best things for you. Amazon is going to hold Prime Big Deal days in October 2023 also, you can find more products with a wide range according to your budget with more discounts and offers. So make sure to experience your all prime membership benefits on Prime Day October 10 and 11.

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