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The Best VR Headsets in 2024 for pc Gamers

by Sisco Alan

Last Updated on January 5, 2024

DESTEK-V5-VR-HeadsetToday Virtual reality (VR) technology is applied to advance fields of medicine, engineering, education, design, training, and entertainment. VR is a computer interface that tries to mimic the real world beyond the flat monitor to give immersive 3D (Three Dimension) visual experiences. Often it is hard to reconstruct the scales and distances between objects in static 2D images. Thus, the third dimension helps to bring depth to objects. Here are some uses that we can use through VR technology.

  • Recruitment and Training
  • Work Collaboration in the Workplace
  • Creating Ideas and Forecasting Trends
  • Pain Management
  • Training Medical Students
  • Treatment of PTSD
  • Training on Social Cognition to Manage Autism
  • Managing and Treating Anxiety Disorder
  • Therapy for Paraplegics
  • Leisure

VR box is a virtual environment visualization platform for smartphones. This display method works when you place a smartphone at the designated place VR box. VR box will provide an immersive VR experience while playing games and watching 360 videos, and 3D movies. These are compatible with android and IOS smartphones.

My Top Pick: DESTEK V5 VR Headset

If you want the best VR experience, I recommend DESTEK V5 VR Headset as it is the module that you can buy from amazon.

The DESTEK VR headset offers a comfortable design, good image quality, and augmented-reality capabilities.

1. Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 256 GB with Carrying Case and Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR by Meta Quest Store

Buy Meta Quest 2. Get Beat Saber. For a limited time, get the hit VR rhythm game included when you buy Meta Quest 2. Keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high-speed action unfolds around you with a super-fast processor and high-resolution display.

All-In-One Gaming with backward compatibility, you can explore new titles and old favorites in the expansive Quest content library. Premium custom carrying case for Oculus Quest 2 with durable protection. Fits the Oculus Quest 2 headset, controllers, charging cable and power adapter. 

Premium rigid hard strap enhances stability and ergonomics while playing, Flexible brace supports your head for longer, more comfortable playtime. Ultimate Control redesigned Oculus Touch controllers transport your movements directly into VR with intuitive controls. PC VR Compatible step into incredible Oculus Rift titles by connecting an Oculus Link cable to a compatible gaming PC. Oculus Link Cable sold separately. 3D Cinematic Sound hear in all directions with built-in speakers that deliver cinematic 3D positional audio.

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02. BNEXT VR Headset

Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone – Universal Virtual Reality Goggles – Soft & the Comfortable New 3D VR Glasses (Blue) by BNEXT Store

Item Weight0.9 Pounds
Operating SystemAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Screen Size6
Field Of View360
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Perfect gift for kids & adults. This premium VR headset is the perfect present for Father’s Day, Halloween, Easter, or Christmas. Compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices with a 4″-6.3” screen to bring you a totally immersive visual 360 experience.

VR smartphone compatibility is compatible with smartphones with a gyro sensor (almost all models) and with a 4″-6.3” screen. VR goggles are compatible with models X, XR, XS, 8, 8 plus, 9, 9 plus, 11, 11 pro, 12 mini, 12 pro, SE, etc. Also compatible with Samsung Android Galaxy note 20, s20, one plus, Box VR, Google Pixel, etc. The headset can also support drones that require a phone VR headset.

Advanced VR gaming technology offers FD and OD adjustments (wide Field of Vision) to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

The comfortable, extended wear design comes with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure and ensure a comfortable experience. The VR headset (viewer) is delivered with a special free VR content list of VR games & VR experiences. Compatible with google cardboard apps that don’t require a button and many other VR apps & adventures that can be found on the Applications Stores.

3. DESTEK V5 VR Headset

for Phone with Controller, 110°FOV HD Anti-Blue Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone 13/12/11 & Android & Samsung | VR Glasses for Smartphone w/4.7-6.8in Screen (White) by DESTEK Store

Item Weight13 Ounces
PlatformIOS, Android
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Controller TypeRemote Control, Button Control
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The V5 VR couldn’t offer you the same experience as Oculus. DESTEK V5 is a phone accessory serving your rudimentary VR journey. Oculus is well developed with advanced hardware and software and its own content ecosystem.


  • The wide variety of phone screen sizes and different image display sizes of VR applications resulted in different maximum viewing contents.
  • For extended users to get the maximum FOV, the V5 can only rely on the most used cell phone: the iPhone X to define the focal length and internal VR structure. To make other phones compatible with the DESTEK V5, you need to scan the QR code inside the V5 headset case to get the maximum FOV.
  • Some VR apps are no longer updated to match new phones
  • Oculus designed its own screen-size focal lens, and structure to bring the best FOV, and VR games keep updating to be compatible with Oculus.

Image quality

  • Unlike Oculus’ built-in display, which offers 4K-8K resolution, standard smartphones only have a 2K or lower display.
  • The image quality of mobile VR apps and the resolution of smartphones are different and give you a completely different experience.

Not seeing the pixels

  • What you see on your phone may be crystal clear, but once you place your phone in the headset, the lens will magnify the image to fill the FOV.
  • Improve the resolution of the cell phone and the resolution of the video to get a better image experience.

VR game entertaining

  • The VR mobile app industry is stagnant with a few relatively decent apps from the limited App Store or Google Play Store, while Oculus benefits from its huge investment in hardware.
  • As a result, more reputable game companies are developing entertaining games with their powerful hardware and software.


  • The V5 VR headset could not afford to develop real-time tracking touch hand controllers like Oculus, because we cannot afford the huge development costs, and mobile VR apps do not support such controllers either.
  • We chose to follow the traditional route
  • head tracking by your phone’s built-in gyro sensor, a touch button to be registered as a click on your phone’s screen by conduction, and remote control with some games supported via Bluetooth.
  • Using iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13? We have an updated V5 viewer profile QR code for these models. For more details, see the left QR code inside the headset lid.

DESTEK V5 promises to offer you:

  • 110-degree FOV with an internal structure and lens focal length design.
  • 94% light transmission, anti-reflective and anti-blue light-coated lenses.
  • Breathable, comfortable face cushion for lightweight wear.
  • Nose pad to keep light from interrupting your view.

VR applications are featured in the user manual.

04. OIVO VR Headset

Compatible with Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch OLED Model, OIVO 3D VR (Virtual Reality) Glasses, Switch VR Labo Goggles Headset for Nintendo Switch by OVIO Store

Item Weight0.65 Pounds
PlatformNintendo Switch
Screen Size6 Inches
Field Of View110 Degrees
Display TypeOled
Controller TypeSwitch Control
Connector TypeUSB Type C
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Special virtual reality VR glasses for Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch OLED Model would be a big surprise as a gift for your friends and family or yourself, this is the upgraded version. (More suitable experience and people with prescription glasses can wear this VR too.). NOTE: Please take out the Joy-Con would be lightweight to use, 15~36mm, and may not fit for the huge nose.

Say Goodbye to Carboard Materials. Made of EVA and Oxford materials, super lightweight and durable, no worry that your VR glass gets mildew in wet weather, includes an adjustable head strap and more thick materials to touch your face, no need to grip the switch console near your head.

Watch and Play in VR. HD optimization takes you a special experience to watch YouTube and play Super Smash Bros. & Zelda & Super Mario Odyssey etc. (VR games may be updated in succession), Full range with the joysticks and the buttons are covered fully, easy to use when playing action games (I.e., smash bros.)

Ergonomically Design adjusts the size to fit for everyone’s head, with heat dissipation and type C port holes, it also increases the thickness to touch your face more comfortable, watching YouTube while charging, and you can take out the joy-cons while playing, regular cardboard VR which is not allowing full range with the joysticks and a few of the buttons are half covered making it difficult to use them quickly. (I.e., smash bros.).

Safe Hook & Loop Design. Easy to use, protect your switch from scratch and fall down, just choose your VR game or YouTube video “watch in VR”, very convenient to enjoy the 3D world.

05. BNEXT VR Headset

Compatible with iPhone & Android – Universal Virtual Reality Goggles for Kids & Adults – Your Best Mobile Games 360 Movies w/ Soft & Comfortable New 3D VR Glasses (Red) by BNEXT Store

Item Weight0.01 Ounces
Operating SystemAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Screen Size6.3 Inches
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BNext was born from the idea that anyone should be able to turn a smartphone into a next-level VR gaming device. Compatible with all major brands so everyone can play! Headsets are comfortable, adjustable, and easy to use for as long as you want to play! Advanced technology and larger lenses provide a premium, immersive virtual reality experience.

This premium VR headset is the perfect present for Father’s Day, Halloween, Easter, or Christmas. Compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices with a 4″-6.3” screen to bring you a totally immersive visual 360 experience.

Compatible with smartphones with a gyro sensor (almost all models) and with a 4″-6.3” screen. VR goggles are compatible with models X, XR, XS, 8, 8 plus, 9, 9 plus, 11, 11 pro, 12 mini, 12 pro, SE, etc. Also compatible with Samsung Android Galaxy note 20, s20, one plus, Box VR, Google Pixel, etc. The headset can also support drones that require a phone VR headset.

Advanced VR gaming technology headset offers FD and OD adjustments (wide Field of Vision) to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion to ensure an optimal viewing experience

The comfortable, extended wear design headset comes with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure and ensure a comfortable experience

The VR headset (viewer) is delivered with our special free VR content list of VR games & VR experiences. Compatible with google cardboard apps that don’t require a button and many other VR apps & adventures that can be found on the Applications Stores.

6. Atlasonix VR Headset

for iPhone and Android Phones w/ Controller, Virtual Reality Glasses with Remote Control for Android Smartphone by Atlasonx Store

Item Weight0.3 Kilograms
Operating SystemAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Screen Size4 Inches
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Controller TypeRemote Control
Resolution1920 × 1080
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Turn your smartphone into a powerful gaming machine with the ATLASONIX 3D VR Headset! Technology has given us exciting tools and revolutionary new advances in home enjoyment, but nothing rivals playing video games and watching movies in your very own 3D world. Introducing the ATLASONIX 3D Virtual Reality Headset, the next big thing in virtual gaming.

Immersive Visual Experience

The ATLASONIX 3D is a truly remarkable video game system. By inserting a compatible smartphone securely into the front face piece, you can play games in a total 360-degree world where the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, you can ride on virtual rollercoasters, watch 3D YouTube videos, and experience thrilling scares like never before. If you’re ready to envelope yourself in a whole new world, pick up the ATLASONIX 3D Virtual Reality Headset and experience games and videos in a whole new way.

Product Details:

  • Adjustable Head Strap for Improved Comfort
  • Breathable Foam Face for Extended Wear
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Head Straps
  • FD and OD Adjustments for Reduced Distortion
  • Eyesight Protection System
  • Supports Screen Size: 4”- 6.2”
  • Supports Screen Resolutions: HD, 3D, 1080p, 4K

7. Valve Index VR Headset

Item Weight16 Pounds
Operating SystemSteamVR
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer
Screen Size6 Inches
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Field Of View130 Degrees
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from: Valve Index

The Valve Index is the most spectacular shopper VR receiver we have seen nonetheless, entirely because of its revolutionary, finger-tracking controllers. Take your VR trail to move ahead with superior quality, comfort, and style. This entire kit from Valve Index contains high-quality VR products which permit you to utterly get pleasure from the most effective at VR headset.

  • The headset’s 1440×1600 RGB LCDs give five hundredths a lot of subpixels than OLED, leading to bigger sharpness for an identical rendering price. additionally, the fill-factor is thrice higher than OLED, greatly reducing the “screen door” impact.
  • The Valve Index® receiver runs at 120Hz with full back-compatibility to 90Hz, moreover as AN experimental 144Hz mode. Higher framerates improve realism and optical comfort, permitting longer and lighter play sessions.
  • Valve Index displays have a reduced illumination amount of zero.330ms to 0.530ms (framerate dependent), permitting the representational process to stay even as sharp once your head is in motion as once you are standing still. this can be a 5x improvement over first-generation laptop VR HMDs.
  • The most effective thanks to improve the field of reading are to position the optics as shut as doable to the eyes. Physically adjustable IPD (distance between eyes) and eye relief (distance from the lens to the eye) helps you to optimize the sphere of reading for your face. With these options, moreover because of the dual-element lens and tilted optics, this receiver provides 20° a lot of FOV than the HTC Vive for typical users.
  • The custom lenses designed into the Valve Index receiver maximize the field of read while not sacrificing edge-to-edge clarity. High geometric stability permits you to appear around the scene by moving your eyes (not simply your head) with the smallest form of distortion.
  • Rather than a mount perpendicular to the user’s eyes, the headset’s displays can’t outward by five degrees. This improves outer FOV whereas leveling the inner FOV.
  • Designed to produce a lot of natural thanks to expertise audio, Index Speakers don’t bite the ears, permitting sound to freely flow and act with the pure mathematics of your own head and ears. With this ear speaker style, audio feels greatly externalized – virtual sound sources seem to return from the setting around you, instead of from within your head.
  • No physical contact means cooler temperatures and a large improvement in comfort, despite however long you play. every speaker’s position is additionally adjustable and may be touched to the audio sweet spot for all heads.
  • The composite honeycomb-panel speaker drivers within the Valve Index give their full frequency vary across a virtually 180-degree dispersion pattern. this enables the USA to accommodate the widest doable diversity of ear and head shapes while not sacrificing sound quality.
  • The soft surfaces that bit your head and face are created with high-quality, woven antimicrobial material, that is loving the skin and is simple to scrub. Ergonomically designed artifact means that pressure is equally and well distributed.
  • You’ll be able to regulate Valve Index for your head size, face angle, and ear position. Then fine-tune your visual expertise with IPD and eye relief changes.
  • The Valve Index HMD includes stereo, global-shutter RGB cameras created for pc vision, and facultative applications like high-quality stereo pass-through. we have a tendency to ar excited to check what the pc vision community creates.

8. HP Reverb G2 VR Headset

with Controller, Adjustable Lenses & Speakers from Valve, 2160 x 2160 LCD Panels, for Gaming, Ergonomic Design, 4 Cameras, Compatible with SteamVR & Windows Mixed Reality by HP Store

Explore your virtual world with the HP Reverb G2 VR Headset. Stellar visuals, audio from Valve, and high-performance join to create a more immersive experience than ever before. Your package not only contains your headset, but it also includes a 6m headset cable for desktop and mobile PCs, two motion controllers, one DisplayPort to the mini-DisplayPort™ adapter, one Power Adapter, and easy set up instructions. Seeing and hearing is believing with mura-free 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye and incredible spatial audio. The VR headset adjusts to your needs thanks to its flexible material, increased cushion size and lenses that accommodate various eye distances. Plus, tracking more movement with the gaming VR headset is made easy and comfortable with 4 built-in cameras and ergonomically designed controls.

The HP VR Headset with a controller is compatible with both Steam VR and Windows Mixed Reality. Game with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected with HP’s 1-Year Limited Warranty including parts and labor. Compared to HP Reverb G1 HMD Windows Mixed Reality requires Windows 10 May 2019 Update installed on the workstation or PC. Features may require software or other 3rd-party applications to provide the described functionality. To minimize the possibility of experiencing discomfort using a VR application, ensure that the PC system is equipped with the appropriate graphics and CPU for the VR application. For HP workstation VR-ready recommended configurations.

  • THE NO COMPROMISE VR HEADSET – Realistic visuals, soundscapes, and superb performance come together to form a more immersive experience.
  • IT’S ALL INSIDE – Packaging includes HP VR Headset, 6m headset cable for desktop and mobile PCs, 2 motion controllers, 1 DisplayPort to the mini-DisplayPort adapter, 1 Power Adapter, and easy setup instructions.
  • EXCEPTIONAL VISUALS AND SOUND – Seeing and hearing is believed with high-quality resolution and fully immersive spatial audio with mura-free 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye.
  • A HEADSET THAT ADJUSTS TO YOU – Flexible material, increased cushion size, and lenses that adjust to suit different eye distances, allow you to bask in your virtual world comfortably.
  • MORE CAMERAS. BETTER TRACKING – With 4 built-in cameras, and ergonomically designed controls, tracking more movement with the VR headset just got a whole lot easier.
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9. VR WEAR VR Headset

Goggles Gear, Google – 3D VR Glasses by VR WEAR VR 3D Box for Any Phone (iPhone 6/7/8/Plus/X & S6/S7/S8/S9/Plus/Note and All Android Smartphone) with 4.5-6.5″ Screen by VR WEAR Store

ColorModel 2
Item Weight0.71 Pounds
Operating SystemAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Screen Size6.5 Inches
Field Of View90
Model NameModel-V2
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VR WEAR’s virtual reality headset is a device that lets your phone plunge fully into the world of virtual reality. Watch the 360-degree or 3D video, play games, or go on a virtual trip, for example, with Google Maps in Street View mode, and do many other things.

The high-quality construction and use of the best materials give you absolute confidence in VR WEAR virtual reality accessories. You’ll definitely love the quality and functionality.

For the comfortable use of this virtual reality mask, there’s a hole for cables (earphones, charger), and a hole for ventilation, which ensures that your smartphone won’t overheat and the lens won’t get foggy.

When putting on the virtual reality headset, the user may feel dizziness at first.  Significantly reduced this effect in our model thanks to the usage of a high-quality big lens and an increased 105-degree vision angle. With the VR WEAR device for virtual reality, you get a clear image (lens light transmission capacity is increased by 30%).

HIGH-END DESIGN The headset has a semi-transparent lid for the camera – augmented reality (AR) movie provided. VR WEAR virtual reality headset is compatible with such smartphones as iPhone and all other PHONES within 4.5-6.5″ equipped with a gyroscope.

VR WEAR virtual reality viewer has a comfortable lens adjustment in 4 directions for each eye separately – adjusting the focus and IPD (interpupillary distance). VR glass’s face cushion is made of soft leather. A soft and elastic head strap relieves the pressure on the nose and face. The VR goggles are very lightweight, you can get a better immersive virtual reality experience).

Eye-protected aspherical HD lenses with an increased Maximum degree of vision will give you an unforgettable experience of immersing yourself in the virtual reality world. The increased field of view of virtual reality goggles will make you feel like an actual performer, not a mere observer)

10. FEEBZ VR Headset

Compatible with iPhone & Android 4.5″-6.5″ + Built-in Action Button for 3D VR Games & Videos | Universal 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Goggles Set – for Kids & Adults by FEEBZ Store

Fits almost every phone. All Feebz VR headsets are compatible with any standard Android & iPhone phone up to 6.5” in screen size. VR goggles are delivered with a list of free VR apps, games & videos. For beginners, advanced & pro users.

Coolest gift for boys & girls. A unique gift idea for boys & girls, for birthdays, Christmas presents, or any occasion. Remote-free experience. Unlike different VR sets, Feebz VR set comes with a built-in action button you can use for VR gaming.

New to the VR world? No worries! Once you open the box, you’ll see a ‘how to use ” tutorial. Immersive, super comfortable experience. Virtual reality glasses have enlarged lenses to support a more immersive VR experience.

Get yours today. And receive a free bonus protective VR carrying case. Be assured of a great experience w/ this VR glasses gear. If for any reason your virtual reality set doesn’t promote an exciting experience, please let us know.

Virtual reality headset synonyms. Cell phone virtual reality (VR) headsets synonyms: 3D VR glasses, 3D goggles, VR goggles, VR sets & VR headsets. You can download VR games to your smartphone and play them in VR mode.

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A virtual reality headset is a heads-up display (HUD) that allows users to interact with simulated environments and experience a first-person view (FPV). VR headsets replace the user’s natural environment with virtual reality content, such as a movie, a game, or a prerecorded 360-degree VR environment that allows the user to turn and look around, just as in the physical world.

With numerous brands launching their own VR headsets in recent years, it may be an overwhelming experience for someone who’s looking for the right headset. So, let this list serve as a guide to help you choose the best headset for your own personal needs.

If you want to buy a VR headset, first of all, you have to go through your budget, mid-range, and high-end. The most affordable VR headsets are usually the ones developed for mobile devices, while the most expensive headsets are those for PC.

There are headsets for mobile devices, PC, and consoles. There are also the newly emerged standalone VR headsets, which don’t require any connection to hardware. So, when you try to buy a VR headset you have to consider the platform you are going to buy.

Immersive virtual reality (immersive VR) is the presentation of an artificial environment that replaces users’ real-world surroundings convincingly enough that they can suspend disbelief and fully engage with the created environment. The more immersive headsets and or experience means, the more someone may feel that they are there.

Although all the above facts are satisfied and you bought the VR headset but if it is too heavy to handle then it’s not comfortable. It can have a negative impact on the VR experience. For gamers, it should be more comfortable to wear this for around one or two hours.

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