DESTEK-V5-VR-HeadsetToday the Virtual reality (VR) technology is applied to advance fields of medicine, engineering, education, design, training, and entertainment. VR is a computer interface that tries to mimic the real world beyond the flat monitor to give an immersive 3D (Three Dimension) visual experiences. Often it is hard to reconstruct the scales and distances between objects in static 2D images. Thus, the third dimension helps to bring depth to objects. Here are some uses that we can use through VR technology.

  • Recruitment and Training
  • Work Collaboration in the Workplace
  • Creating Ideas and Forecasting Trends
  • Pain Management
  • Training Medical Students
  • Treatment of PTSD
  • Training on Social Cognition to Manage Autism
  • Managing and Treating Anxiety Disorder
  • Therapy for Paraplegics
  • Leisure

VR box is a virtual environment visualization platform for smartphones. This display method works when you place a smartphone at the designated place VR box. VR box will provide immersive VR experience while playing games and watching 360 videos, 3D movies. These are compatible with android and IOS smartphones.

My Top Pick: DESTEK V5 VR Headset

If you want the best VR experience, I recommend DESTEK V5 VR Headset as it is the module that you can buy from amazon.

The DESTEK VR headset offers a comfortable design, good image quality, and augmented-reality capabilities.

The following VR Headsets use the latest technology to bring you virtual reality. The headsets give an impression of the user being actually inside the game or the movie.

So, here is my list of the 10 Best VR Boxes.

01. OCULUS VR gaming headset

OCULUS VR gaming headset

Oculus Quest is an all-in-one gaming system for virtual reality


  • No wires. No PC. Just set up with the Oculus mobile app.
  • The Oculus Guardian system is designed to help you avoid nearby objects while you’re in-game.
  • Your hands and gestures appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision.
  • Built-in sensors translate your movements into VR and provide room-scale tracking.
  • 20 x 15 x 8 inches.
  • Only weigh-in 1.1 pounds.

02. MERGE Cube and VR Headset

MERGE Cube and VR Headset Bundle for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, STEM Toy, Learning and Educational Games


  • MERGE CUBE: learn, create, and play games in augmented reality by holding and interacting with digital objects – great for use at home or in the classroom.
  • Lightweight.
  • More comfort with educational things.
  • Durable, cleanable, adjustable, comfortable, and fits over most eyeglasses.
  • Compatible with Android or iOS smartphones and Google Expeditions.

03. OPTOSLON 3D VR Glasses


Virtual Reality Headset, OPTOSLON 3D VR Glasses for Mobile Games and Movies, Compatible 4.7-6.2-inch iPhone/Android Phone, Including iPhone XS/X/8/8Plus/7/7Plu


  • It doesn’t need to use Bluetooth capability.
  • Needs your smartphones to play movies, videos, games, etc.
  • It is less in weight like 14.4 ounces.

04. Universal Virtual Reality Goggles by BNext

Universal Virtual Reality Goggles by BNext

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone – Universal Virtual Reality Goggles – Play Your Best Mobile Games 360 Movies with Soft & Comfortable New 3D VR Glasses | Blue | w/Eye Protection


  • Compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices with a 4″-6.3” screen.
  • It can use with smartphones with a gyro sensor.
  • IT Offers FD and OD adjustments (wide FOV) to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion.
  • Fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure.
  • Breathable Foam Face for Extended Wear.

05. DESTEK V5 VR Headset

DESTEK V5 VR Headset

DESTEK V5 VR Headset, 110°FOV Eye Protected HD Virtual Reality Headset w/ Bluetooth Controller for iPhone 11/X/Xs/Max/XR/8P/7P/6P, for Samsung S10/S9/S8/Plus/Note 10/9/8, Smartphones w/ 5.5-6.5in Screen


  • Sharp HD images are achieved by the aspheric and anti-distortion lens surface. 
  • Adopting 94% lens light transmittance, and use an anti-reflective and Anti-blue light coating lens.
  • Pupil Distance button with a larger range to optimize your visual experience.
  • The headset only weighs 11.3oz.
  • The removable face pad of a VR headset is made of ultra-soft washable breathing Fabric.
  • T-shape adjustable head strap.
  • More gaming fun with Bluetooth remote controller

06. Virtual Reality Goggles by digib

Virtual Reality Goggles by digib

Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone & Android Phones | 3D Virtual Glasses | AR/VR Headset Perfect Work with Max Size Smartphones | Eye-Safe Adjustable HD Quality Lenses (Premium)


  • No wires, no complicated setup.
  • Compatible size of smartphones: 4.5-6.3″ (maximum size supported is 175 x 85 mm).
  • Supported screen resolution: 780P, 1080P, 2K (Recommended).
  • The availability of actuating devices: gyroscope, accelerometer.
  • FD and OD adjustments.
  • Lens Diameter: 42mm.
  • FOV: 105°.
  • PD: 55-67mm.
  • Focal Length: 45-50mm.
  • Lens: Aspheric Optical PMMA Lenses Polarized.

07. 3D Virtual Reality Goggles with Controller by Atlasonix

3D Virtual Reality Goggles with Controller by Atlasonix

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones | Bonus: Remote Control for Android Smartphones | 3D Virtual Reality Goggles with Controller | Adjustable VR Glasses – Gift for Kids and Adults


  • Work with smartphones and mobile devices with 4”- 6.3” screens
  • HD optimization and 3D gaming support.
  • Remote control for android phones. 
  • Adjustable Head Strap for Improved Comfort
  • Breathable Foam Face for Extended Wear
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Head Straps
  • FD and OD Adjustments for Reduced Distortion
  • Eyesight Protection System
  • Supports Screen Resolutions: HD, 3D, 1080p, 4K

08. VR WEAR Virtual Reality Headset

VR WEAR Virtual Reality Headset.

VR WEAR Virtual Reality Headset, Goggles Gear, Google – 3D VR Glasses VR 3D Box for Any Phone (iPhone 6/7/8/Plus/X & S6/S7/S8/S9/Plus/Note and All Android Smartphone) with 4.5-6.5″ Screen


  • Supports all 4.5-6.5 smartphones.
  • Comfortable lens adjustment in 4 directions for each eye separately.
  • Face cushion is made of soft leather.
  • Soft and elastic head strap relieves the pressure on the nose and face.
  • Goggles are very light weight.
  • Eye protected aspherical HD lenses with an increased Maximum degree vision.
  • The availability of actuating devices: gyroscope, accelerometer.

09. OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

OIVO VR Headset for Nintendo Switch, 3D VR (Virtual Reality) Glasses, Labo Goggles Headset for Nintendo Switch


  • Made of EVA and Oxford materials.
  • Super lightweight and durable.
  • Adjustable head strap and more thick materials to touch your face.
  • Full range with the joysticks and the buttons are covered fully, easy to use when playing action games.
  • Safe Hook & Loop Design.
  • Ergonomically Design.
  • 9 x 5.8 x 4.9 inches and 10.4 ounces in weight.

10. Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses by VR Empire

Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses by VR Empire

VR Headset Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses with 120°FOV, Anti-Blue-Light Lenses, Stereo Headset, for All Smartphones with Length Below 6.3 inch Such as iPhone & Samsung HTC HP LG, etc.

VR Empire

  • Fits for All Smartphones with Length Below 6.3 inch.
  • Flexible headphone, adjustable.
  • Glasses with auto-positioning Smartphones to the middle line function.
  • Lens are Professional Optical Anti-blue light (blue light blocker) Lens PMMA made in Japan.
  • Maximum 120-degree view angle.


A virtual reality headset is a heads-up display (HUD) that allows users to interact with simulated environments and experience a first-person view (FPV). VR headsets replace the user’s natural environment with virtual reality content, such as a movie, a game or a prerecorded 360-degree VR environment that allows the user to turn and look around, just as in the physical world.

With numerous brands launching their own VR headsets in recent years, it may be an overwhelming experience for someone who’s looking for the right headset. So, let this list serve as a guide to help you choose the best headset for your own personal needs.


If you want to buy a VR headset, first of all, you have to go through your budget, mid-range, and high-end. The most affordable VR headsets are usually the ones developed for mobile devices, while the most expensive headsets are those for PC.


There are headsets for mobile devices, PC, and console. There are also the newly emerged standalone VR headsets, which don’t require any connection to hardware. So, when you try to buy a VR headset you have to consider the platform you are going to buy.


Immersive virtual reality (immersive VR) is the presentation of an artificial environment that replaces users’ real-world surroundings convincingly enough that they can suspend disbelief and fully engage with the created environment. The more immersive headsets and or experience means, the more someone may feel that they are there.


Although all the above facts are satisfied and you bought the VR headset but if it is too heavy to handle then it’s not comfortable. It can have a negative impact on the VR experience. For gamers, it should be more comfortable to wear this around one or two hours.

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